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    signed. sealed. delivered.


    Ryan saw her across the room at high school party in her kitchen. He was drawn to her beautiful eyes. Watching her then he knew he wanted her beside him. Bethany soon learned how wonderful she felt when he made her laugh. They dated on and off until she realized that there was no one else in the world that compared to him.

    Ryan, Bethany and her mother worked together to plan a beautiful wedding. Along the way Bethany entered and won many wedding contests. She entered her mother, Fay Blackburn, in a brides.com Mom of Honor contest. Bethany submitted an essay detailing what makes Fay so special as a mom. “When I was born, I was left on a door step in India. I was put on an adoption list and passed up 12 times. My mom was finally the person who said ‘yes.'” said Bethany. Fay walked Bethany down the isle in a designer gown brides.com honored her with for being the 2010 Mom of Honor. Bethany and Ryan won an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico for her winning entry too. Fay walking Bethany down the isle felt auspicious. Fay was the first person in Bethany’s life to say “yes”…. Fay gave Bethany’s hand to Ryan so he could continue to say “yes” to her for the rest of it.


    Ryan and Bethany… may your walk through life be blessed with happiness and beautiful memories. Thank you for welcoming me in to document your beautiful wedding.

    All my best-




    Bethany, her mama and the bridesmaids started the day getting their hair and makeup done at Parkwest Studio in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

    Completely jealous of those eyes, Bethany. Everyone can see what Ryan was talking about when he said he was drawn to your eyes.

    Cute. Cute. Cute….. love the personalized hangers.



    Once everyone was ready,  this stunning bride…….


    went to meet this very handsome groom.


    Look at him crushing on her. These two flashed super-charged smiles all. day. long.

    These next photos….. show the absolutely perfect weather.




    Mr and Mrs Isaacson!!



    signed. sealed. delivered. I’m yours.




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    I wanna grow old with you….

    Breanna was radiant in her wedding dress and the small tiara with an elbow length veil were mere accessories to the beauty that beamed from her. There is no beauty like that which comes from happiness. Trevor was confidant and comfortable, ready for a new beginning. He was ready for this moment but when he saw Breanna walk down the isle on her father’s arm, the dreams, the longing, the forever became the right now and he wept. Breanna was going to be his wife and once she was on his arm at the alter they smiled their way through the rest of the day.

    While out celebrating their pending wedding with her closest girlfriends a stranger quipped to Breanna, “Well, don’t you just look like a Disney Princess.” Little did they know how magical Breanna and Trevor’s day would be.  Weddings are days when we all hope to be surrounded by friends and family. A celebration shared with those who mean so much to you is what helps to make the day special. What an extra bit of magic to have Breanna’s Uncle, Joe Beal, weaving stories of the couple into their ceremony while officiating their wedding. Jack Brooks, Breanna’s father, played a lovely guitar ballad he had written and after the vows were spoken, and a lifetime bond of love was made, the newlyweds exited the Academy Chapel to ring the chapel bells for good luck.

    The weather was summer-like and after the ceremony, everyone arrived to a picturesque orchard dressed with white tents, tangerine accents and a dance floor.

    The party rocked along with live music by The Antics and a gentle breeze cooled the hot day to a perfect temperature. The twinkle lights and the up lighting on the gorgeous old trees at the venue were met with the perfect exclamation of a nearly full moon. But most important of all, Breanna and Trevor got their happily ever after.

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    St. James Wedding: Laura + Greg

    Valentine’s day is the perfect day to honor marriage. A lot of people seem down on the day of love since the commercialization of the holiday. I would agree that there seems to be a little too much pink and red heart shaped this and buy your honey that to let them know you care. I do like Valentine’s day though. Not because it brings pretty flowers into my home, (I do love the flowers) not because of the red heart shaped jello jigglers I made for Tommy’s preschool class(yum!) but because it is a day of hope and faith for me. A hope for everyone in this little world to learn to love with all their potential and a faith that one day I will love more perfectly. I am the first to admit that I will always need to work on honoring those I love with more patience, understanding, communication and patience. 🙂 I am imperfect and John loves me in spite of my imperfections. For this I will always be eternally grateful.

    Valentine’s Days’ origins come from Saint Valentine. Valentine was a priest who believed in marriage so passionately he secretly wed the soldiers of Rome when Emperor Claudius forbade all marriages of young men. Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage because he thought it made the men poor soldiers. I wonder if Emperor Claudius knew true love. I can’t believe if the Emperor had known true love he would have made the law, for only when someone loves with all that they have would they be willing to give up everything to defend it. I would argue marriage would make a stronger soldier. Marriage teaches you to fight for the greater good, to value someone more than yourself, to believe in a beautiful future and to never give up.
    St. Valentine is the patron saint of couples and young people in love. There couldn’t be a more fitting day to post photos of Laura and Greg from their wedding a week ago at St. James Catholic Church in Vancouver. The ceremony was so touching and the couple very much in love. Father Hahn spoke of beauty while marrying them and a phrase he used during his message has been playing over and over in my head since that day. “You are beautiful, because you are loved.” Laura is beautiful and she looked so much more so standing up beside Greg, to take him as her husband. Marriage adds beauty to the love people have and adds it in different ways for every couple. I wish Laura and Greg all the best as they start their own journey.

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    Wooden Wedding- Sisters, Oregon Wedding Photographer

    Stacie and Keith chose the perfect site for their wedding. The setting at Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon was awash in wildflowers and classic craftsman design. A simple outdoor ceremony was graced with a gentle summer breeze and the golden glow of evening sunlight.
    I am so grateful to have been a part of their special day. What fun I had photographing them all over the grounds at the resort. The flowers were such a great background for such a gorgeous couple.
    They looked fabulous…. don’t you think?
    I love this moment. Special to have all of their hands outstretched and connected, joining their families. It makes me smile too because it kind of looks like a small huddle. 🙂 Go Woodens!

    Even their dogs are good-looking. Way to go Porter and Rando.

    I do not usually consider myself a shoe person. These ballerina slippers by Lola Sabbia make me consider becoming one. 
    This ring photo is one of my favorites. 

    Yummy cake created in Redmond at Cakes by Melanie

    Who doesn’t love jelly beans.

    Isn’t she lovely. Wow.

    And Keith looks so handsome in a tuxedo.

     This little ceramic dish by Rae Dunn was too good to pass up.

    Thank you Keith and Stacie for letting me be a part of your wedding day. I can’t wait to go through all the rest of the photos. There are so many beautiful photos and fun moments it was hard to stop working on them to post a peek for you.