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    It flew by. Saturday we celebrated three kiddo birthdays in our home with our extended family. Two of them were my sons, my oldest and the youngest have August birthdays. The other is sweet, little Molly, my niece who just turned one. A day full of visiting, food, cake, presents and hopefully it was packed with smiles for everyone.

    Do you remember how you felt as a child when it was your birthday? You know, the I can’t sleep because I am so excited feeling. The asking “can I open them now?,” about your  presents. now. now? now?! Overdosing on sugar. Birthdays are a big deal. They are when we celebrate each person in our lives and try to make them feel as special as they are to us.

    I feel pretty lucky to not only get to celebrate with  my own family but to celebrate with my clients. Births, weddings, birthdays, graduations, all of these happy times in ones life I get to witness or help prepare for. What a blessing. To get to celebrate the joy in everyone’s life surely will bring more joy to ours and for this I am thankful.

    To say sweet, little Stella is adorable is an understatement. With her amazingly, cute outfits and her giant eyes, she was a treat. Celebrating a baby’s first birthday is a triumph for the parents. You celebrate the babe you adore, but I think we parents also celebrate making it through the first year of nurturing new life.

    We created custom first birthday invitations for Stella and I am in love with them, and their pink envelopes. 🙂 !

    birthday invitation custom photography

    Stella’s mom commented that the colorful envelopes let everyone know it is something fun when they receive it in the mail. I  could not agree more!  Here is a look at all the envelope colors I have to choose from.

    Love the floppy hat, don’t you?

    She had her photo taken in the same tutu when she was a newborn. Such a starlet now!

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    canvas crazy

    I knew the delivery was coming. I didn’t want to get overly excited. I didn’t have time to wait around impatiently. Tommy had a Dr.’s appointment and I had tons of packing to do. The day got busy as they all do and when I returned from our appointments there was a box on the doorstep.

    Later while baby Greg slept and Dad took Tommy to run an errand I got to open it. What a treasure I found.

    It is always fun to open up the boxes of prints and albums which I get back for clients but this box was special. Two big gallery-wrapped canvases from Simply Canvas. The best part about it is I get to keep one of them. I printed my favorite photo of Greg from his first year as a 16×24. I LOVE IT!

    Yeah to big, gorgeous, ready-to-mount canvas photos! Now whose next?

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    I love orange!

    I know, I know I told you my favorite color is red. It is, but I love orange too. I went to Oregon State for a few years and I am still a huge beaver fan so there is a lot of orange gear at my house.  This spring and summer orange seems to be a HOT color and I am sooooo excited that Breanna and Trevor have chosen orange for one of their wedding colors this fall. Every time I see anything orange while out and about I think of them.

    I had a lot of fun creating their custom save the date card. The details of their special day are wonderful to hear about. Twinkle lights, lanterns, love….what is not to like. Breanna said she had always loved skeleton keys and I had seen a card using them to create a heart once so I went to work.

    I just inherited an antique jar of skeleton keys from a dear, great aunt. I love most things of old. I am usually the one running my fingers over vintage linens, flipping through aged books and marveling at collections of antique everyday objects. I have antique jars of buttons, keys and marbles. I daydream of the prior life of the objects and wish there were some way to relive a day or two when the objects weren’t relegated to my jars.

    I adore the mix of shapes on the skeleton keys. From the blocky end of the bit to the unique circular designs at the top of the key, sometimes it is hard to choose my favorite part. I photographed a ton of the keys from my collection and then set to work to complete the card for Breanna and Trevor.

    Here is what it looked like.

    Doesn’t the orange look great on their card. Such a happy color! Hope to share a few of the other photos from their shoot soon too.

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    …brown paper packages tied up with strings

    …these are a few of my favorite things. 

    What fun it has been for me to package orders which have been heading out the door. Thought I would share a photo of the brown packages I really love getting ready for my clients. 

    If any of you are looking for a Christmas gift, I could wrap up a beautiful gift certificate for a special someone on your list.
    The holidays are here, hope this helps get you in the mood.