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    fall is for family

    Fall came weeks ago when school started and all the busyness which it brings with it but fall weather came abruptly this week. I am working feverishly to get through mountains of photos of beautiful people with beautiful lives and amazing families. I am so happy to be busy now and I look forward to getting caught up so that I can slow down to soak in the fall with my own family.

    The sunshine of last week is hiding somewhere behind those clouds outside and I am pining for a few more days of indian summer before I pull out the sweaters and boots. A grey morning calls for curling up in a blanket while holding one of my boys and nursing a hot cup of coffee with cocoa in it. Since I have to get moving this morning instead of having a lazy day, I’ll post some photos of a new family of four taking a slow day to soak in all the goodness a family brings.



    Three grils as my Tommy would say. A treasure for them so see their Mama young and adoring them so.

    Look at those cheeks! LOVE.

    Sweet little pink bundle send straight from heaven.


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    don’t fence me in

    Thank goodness for the change of seasons. I don’t need a lot of change in my life. I am pretty boring. Set in my ways. If I find something I like to eat at a restaurant, I don’t deviate from it. I like comfortable shoes. I may really like the idea of beautiful heels but can’t break my mold of comfort. But I look forward to the change of the seasons. There is beauty in the fresh start of anything. I am thankful the change of the seasons forces me to shift into a different mindset.

    Yesterday, when a strange bright orb showed up outside, the boys and I headed to the backyard. They dug in the dirt and quickly found a way to make more mud than I thought was possible without a hose. I dug in the dirt and felt the warmth and fresh air calm me.

    I missed the smell of cut grass, clean soil and a spring breeze.

    Spring is when I get to be outside again digging and dreaming of pretty flowers, yummy veggies and more fresh air. Even when John and I were first married and we lived in a dinky apartment one spring day I desperately ran to Fred Meyer to purchase a few pots, soil and flowers for our patio. It was like a primal need reared itself. I grew up in Montana and Wyoming. I think it is fair to say I made more mud pies than my kiddos have ever dreamed of. I guess old habits die hard.

    I am a romantic. Shocked aren’t you. I am in “love” with the notion of many things. I have always romanticized about living long ago on a working ranch. Because of where I grew up,  I have always loved wandering in an open field, sitting on a giant rock warmed by the sun or laying in wildflowers as the breeze danced over my skin.

    I am in love with land.

    I will never be a city girl. I don’t mind visiting. I have fun learning new things and I feed off the chaotic beauty only a big city has but after a few days I feel claustrophobic. Get me some clear sky and an empty horizon stat. Lucky for me Vancouver seems to offer enough of a balance between city and country that I feel at home.

    Springtime brought a new life to Michelle and Jason’s home. A new boy to coo and snuggle. Little Landry is the perfect addition to this adorable family. Big sister and brother are so proud. Mom and Dad so blessed.

    I looked up the meaning of Landry, as I do with almost every baby I photograph. Landry means land ruler. What a perfect fit for the beginning of my spring. The spring is getting me back to the land. Who knows what Landry will grow up to like or dislike. But with land in his name maybe Landry and I will have something in common some day.

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    new life

    When I was a first-time mama the crusty umbilical cord stump gave me the willys. I didn’t want to look at it, touch it, be near it. I don’t think any new parent is quite ready for all of the new bodily functions and sights they will be privy to until they are in the thick of caring for their new one.

    I tell you this because in a few weeks my oldest will be 8 years-old. Don’t ask me how it happened. I am convinced I closed my eyes while rocking him to sleep in the middle of the night and woke up to this handsome, quiet, compassionate giant. Sometime after he lost his cord stump, I lost my aversion to them. The stump is the last remnants of the journey of pregnancy and new life. I find them beautiful now.

    It is an honor to photograph newborns. They are so precious and pure and I don’t think I will ever get my fill of being around them. I had the pleasure of luxuriating in newborn time with Logan. I had a whole morning devoted to getting photographs of him and snuggling. It was amazing.

    He is a champ. Champion of sleeping through photo shoots. Champion of silky, sweet newborn hair. Champion of his parents hearts the moment he was born. This is the last photo I made of him*. I had my hopes set on it but left it for last because I knew it might upset his sleeping. I got a few shots and he finally had had enough. (*I promise he wasn’t in any danger of falling off. I used photoshop magic to hide the cushy bean bag below him and his mama’s hand on his back while on the chair lift.) Don’t you just love that they have this ski lift chair for a front porch swing. I want one!

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    Happy 2010!

    When the new year comes the comics always depict a babe of some kind. They are rosy and cherubic and make you giddy for what the future will hold. Babies, in their innocence and vulnerability, remind us to cherish everything we are given in life. Here’s to cherishing 2010!

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    E is for Eleanor- Vancouver,WA newborn photographer

    New life is and will always be a miracle to me. Taking photos of a newborn so soon after my own youngest son was born shows me just how fast babies change in their first year. My son was about Eleanor’s size when he was born and now he is a chubby, bubbly, smiley 3-month-old. Newborns are so relaxed and sweet. I can’t wait to see what the future will bring for Eleanor and her big sister Amelia as they start this adventure called life together with a great set of parents.

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    Welcome to my photography blog.  I will post sneak peeks and info here for those interested in what I have been taking photos of. My first post will be of our newest addition. His birth jump started my portrait work for other people. Cheers to baby G!