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    Trevor and Breanna – vancouver engagement photographer

    We had a few minutes of sun. Just enough to get a golden glow in a few shots. Just enough to trick us into thinking the day would warm up at any minute and allow us to keep searching for fun new backgrounds for pictures. It was a giant trick.

    Poor Breanna was such a trooper. She chose a sweet, summery, black and cream dress that Trevor gave to her for a gift. A great choice for the photos but not so great for a super chilly morning. Goosebumps and all she looked young, beautiful and in love. Not to mention adored. Just look at the smile on Trevor’s face in the last photo.

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    I love orange!

    I know, I know I told you my favorite color is red. It is, but I love orange too. I went to Oregon State for a few years and I am still a huge beaver fan so there is a lot of orange gear at my house.  This spring and summer orange seems to be a HOT color and I am sooooo excited that Breanna and Trevor have chosen orange for one of their wedding colors this fall. Every time I see anything orange while out and about I think of them.

    I had a lot of fun creating their custom save the date card. The details of their special day are wonderful to hear about. Twinkle lights, lanterns, love….what is not to like. Breanna said she had always loved skeleton keys and I had seen a card using them to create a heart once so I went to work.

    I just inherited an antique jar of skeleton keys from a dear, great aunt. I love most things of old. I am usually the one running my fingers over vintage linens, flipping through aged books and marveling at collections of antique everyday objects. I have antique jars of buttons, keys and marbles. I daydream of the prior life of the objects and wish there were some way to relive a day or two when the objects weren’t relegated to my jars.

    I adore the mix of shapes on the skeleton keys. From the blocky end of the bit to the unique circular designs at the top of the key, sometimes it is hard to choose my favorite part. I photographed a ton of the keys from my collection and then set to work to complete the card for Breanna and Trevor.

    Here is what it looked like.

    Doesn’t the orange look great on their card. Such a happy color! Hope to share a few of the other photos from their shoot soon too.

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    Engaged- Portland, OR Engagement Photographer

    When you are engaged you are on top of the world. There are few things in life that match the joy your heart feels when you find your soul mate and commit to a happily ever after. My heart swells with happiness to be a small part of the joyful moments in people’s lives. I am so thankful I found my happily ever after so many years ago. And the best part….. the love and joy you treasure in each other today will only grow over the years.

    What fun I had photographing Erik and Julie. They were relaxed and in love and it totally shows in the photos. I am excited to witness their future and feel so blessed to know them. The shoot had so many beautiful moments it was hard to stop at the few I am posting today. 

    There is such hope and happiness when you are engaged to be married. 
    May the happiness you two feel today follow you throughout your days.