where’s my ship

I have only been to Seattle a hand full of times. On my first trip there, during college, I met the man I would marry. We returned over spring break this year, after 16 years, with a lot more life under our belt and three little boys.

We hit many of the major tourist attractions and we all enjoyed the outings and each other. Sometimes just a change of scenery is so good for the soul.

Only took my point and shoot. With three of them and Greg being only two, I am not ready to take a bigger camera. My head and eyes crave a big camera but a bigger camera means sacrificing a hand for keeping boys out of harm’s way. I need both of mine and a gaggle of guardian angels to feel comfortable in a new place. Maybe I need to ease up a little, but I am only willing to give a little space to Keith so far.

Thought I would have time to write more about our trip but somehow life always seems to have different plans. Spent the afternoon in emergency getting stitches in Greg’s forehead. YIKES!¬†Wanted to get these up before it is time to post Easter’s colorful bounty.

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